Hard at work!

Second Grade

Second Graders have been learning about plants.  At the STEM Lab, we recently used the scientific process to predict and plant bean seeds.  In the library, students are creating Voki’s to explain their STEM Lab processes.  Click on the “Students Share It” tab above to watch some of their Voki’s.

Fourth Grade

Mr. Sullins and Mrs. Carlton’s classes have really dug into learning about Native American Tribes of Arkansas this fall.  It has been a rewarding, rich learning experience, branching across many subjects and disciplines (art, technology, information seeking skills, writing, social studies, reading, etc.)  In the library, these students have worked beautifully, some independently and some with a partner, to research and create a powerpoint of either the Quapaw, Caddo, or Osage Indian tribe.  Click on the “Students Share It” tab above to see what we’ve been up to!

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