Our busy, busy, busy, busy, busy library…

At one point today I looked up to realize we had a LOT going on in our library, and I was so proud of the children, all of them, for using the library for so many purposes and with so many people at one time.  I stopped to take a few photos and share what we do here.

image  This first grade “teacher”  was reading aloud her Dr. Seuss book to an imaginary class.

image   image This young man and a partner were building with legos.  he is showing you his “glowing cow.”

image  image  image   These first graders were retelling and interacting with the Goldilocks, inside of the Three Bears’ House.

image  These first graders were observing the ants, busy at work designing tunnels.

image These 3rd graders finished their class room work early and asked to come work on library biography research on Ella Fitzgerald and Jackie Robinson.

image  These 1st graders were building on the computers with Lego Digital Designer.

And I failed to snap a picture of the kindergarten class that was here using the Library Computer Lab.  I also didn’t get a picture of the 2nd graders that were here in small groups doing their own classroom research.  IT WAS BUSY!  AND I LOVED IT!


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