Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many books can my child check out? Grades K-1 – 1 book; Grades 2-5—2 books

2. How long can my child keep a book? 2 wks

3. How can I find out what my child is reading? Ask the child in your discussion of school day and its activities. Ask to see what books they are reading.

4. What happens if my child loses or damages a book? If there is minor damage to a book, have the child bring it to the library for repair. In some instances, there may be a slight fee for the repair. If however, the book has major damage or is lost the replacement cost is passed along to the student.

5. What happens when my child’s class goes to the library? During library classes, book care, and research skills are taught as well as reader advisory, and checking out of books.

6. What resources are available on line for my child? These sources are available through a subscription service and may vary from year to year. The district library website can be accessed through the district website at http://www.fayar.net, then select FPS Library Service from the FHS Web Application drop down box at the top right of the page. Click on the Online Database button. If you have difficulty in accessing these, contact the librarian for assistance at 445-1052.

7. How are materials selected for the libraries? When selecting new materials, the librarians base their selections on their knowledge of the curriculum and the library’s current holdings. They take requests from teachers and students. Professional selection aids are also used to evaluate items before purchasing. Materials purchased for the library also must meet a criterion as to overall purpose, timeliness, importance of subject matter, quality of writing, readability and popular appeal, authoritativeness, reputation of publisher and the author, and the format and price. The library website has a list of books on consideration for purchase. After books are purchased, they are available for review by parents.

8. How does interlibrary loan work? Students may request books from other schools through their school library.

9. Would my 4th grader be able to check out a book from the junior high or high school? Possibly, honoring the request depends on the item being requested and if it is deemed suitable for their need. The librarians at the borrowing and lending schools will screen the request.

10. Are parents allowed to check out books from the library? Yes, we have a special parent library in each school. You will need to present your driver’s license number as we use this number for your checkout number.

11. How can I restrict what my child checks out from the school library? Contact your child’s school and asked for a note to be placed on their record.

12. How can I read reviews of books? Internet books sellers have reviews.