Spelling Bee

Classroom Spelling Bees (top 2 children advance to next level)

Classroom spelling bees will be hosted on or before week of October 10-14th, to be determined by individual classroom teachers.

Study previous grade level and current grade level words, sent home by your teacher.  If your child has mastered these words, email Mrs. Jacobus to ask for additional grade level words.  Classroom teachers will go forward with as many grade levels as needed, to find the 2 classroom winners.   emilie.jacobus@fayar.net

School Wide Spelling Bee:  November 11th, 2016

8:15 AM – until finished

  • Participants study grade level 1 -8 to prepare for school wide bee.
  • Students will be provided complete study lists to prepare
  • See Mrs. Jacobus for additional copies of word study lists.
  • The same spelling words will be used for both the classroom and the school wide spelling bee, although participants should study all grade level words for school wide bee, which is more than their classroom bee.
  •  Students in the school wide bee should study all grade levels.
  • Parents are invited to attend the school wide bee in November (we would love it!!!!)
  • direct all questions to emilie.jacobus@fayar.net

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