Young Authors

Young Author’s 2016

The Fayetteville Public School elementary libraries are sponsoring the Young Author’s program.  Students at each elementary may enter a piece of work for judging (by a committee consisting of current and former teachers using the ACTAAP writing rubric).  

This is not a classroom assignment/activity, although work completed in class may be “polished” for submission.  

Students with the ten top-scoring works from each school will participate in a special writers’ workshop featuring author Louis Sachar on October 26that Fayetteville High School.



Due:  Thursday, October 6th, 2016. Turn into your teacher or Mrs. Jacobus

  • Must be bound in some manner (folder, small binder 1” or less) to include a front and back cover
  • Must be typed or neatly and legibly handwritten
  • Must have a title page that includes:  title, author, date, school and teacher
  • Must have two blank pages at the back with the heading “Comment page”
  • Must be edited with no grammar, punctuation or spelling errors
  • Must be work not previously submitted for this program
  • Content must be free of violence

Optional features:

  • May have illustrations
  • May have a dedication page
  • May have an “About the author” page
  • May have a table of contents


Direct questions to: (Root Library)


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