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Third Grade – Arkansas Explorer Voki Projects

As promised, our 3rd graders are creating voki projects to share their Arkansas Explorer research from earlier in the fall.  Click on a student’s name below to view their voki!

Harter’s Class

Elizabeth A.               Jovani              Gautam                   Cole                  Grace

Natalie                        Jasper               Tevin                      Maren               Abby

Elliot                           Xiyang              Ben F.                     Meg                   Sarah

Kylie                            Angel L.           Alex L.                     Trinity              Joni

Bowman’s Class

Deanna                      Katherine                      Makena                      Blakely

Kaedon                      Sebastian                       Susan                          Esme

Ben S.                        Son                                  Laura                          Macey

Sailer                         Alex H.                            Oscar                          Kailee

Wamsley’s Class

Benny J.                 Nancy J.              Dakota                 Allie                Paige

Zion                         Angel F.              Halli                     Jesse               Kayden M.

Maggie                    Kennedy              Kailee P.            Alex P.              Jack

Mohammad           Corbin                  Jasmine             Jaiden W.        JB

Second Grade

Second Graders have been learning about plants.  At the STEM Lab, we recently used the scientific process to predict and plant bean seeds.  In the library, students are creating Voki’s to explain their STEM Lab processes.  See below to watch some of their Voki’s.

Dylan R.                             Roy M.                            Iron A.                           Maddox B.

Jeffrey G.                           Sebastian C.                   Kamryn D.                    Briawna F.

Susanna K.                        Pedro F.                          Dakota                           Eva

Will M.                               Veronica                         Anthony                        Khai

Isabella                             Homam                            Stone                             Joslyn

Dylan G.                           Wendell                           Bergen                            Alex G.

Keegan                              Jaxon                               Aaliyah                           Rosa

Hadrian                             Aden                                Genesis                          Tupanga

Annabel                             Linley                             Nathaniel

Fourth Grade

Mr. Sullins and Mrs. Carlton’s classes have really dug into learning about Native American Tribes of Arkansas this fall.  It has been a rewarding, rich learning experience, branching across many subjects and disciplines (art, technology, information seeking skills, writing, social studies, reading, etc.)  In the library, these students have worked beautifully, some independently and some with a partner, to create a powerpoint of either the Quapaw, Caddo, or Osage Indian tribe.  Please see below to see what we’ve been up to!

Faizah and Sarai .Osage                                                                   Shahad and Destiny

Mai Mai and Briana. Osage                                                             Jessica . Quapaw

Nathan and Juan                                                                                Nina and Kristen .Caddo

Skyler and Yazan. Caddo                                                                   Augusta and Rayla.Caddo

Graceanne and Afreen                                                                      Aiden and Ely. Quapaw

Makul                                                                                                    John Michael

Mason and Crystal                                                                             Sequoyah

Maximus and Gabriel                                                                        Ellie and Mckenzie

Seneca and Kaden